Sunday, August 17, 2014

The business of doodling

I'm often asked, "where do you find your freelance clients, Corbett?" and the answer is simple: None of your damn business! 

Honestly, the answer IS simple: my client roster is mostly the product of word-of-mouth.
That is — I do a (good) job for someone, they tell their friends or colleagues, and I end up getting a call from someone else who heard I might be a guy who can do a thing.
Happens all the time!

In stranger cases, I get jobs out of the blue just because I refuse to stop doodling!

My girlfriend and I recently went to Market Bar-B-Que, a local BBQ joint that's so close to home I can often smell their smoker before I leave my block. We chowed down on brisket and salad and baked potatoes and, as happens, I started doodling on a napkin—in this case it was the porcine house mascot, taking a delicious bite out of himself and declaring, "I'm delicious!"

At the end of the meal it ended up in the waitress' hands and eventually the owner's hands—and before my girlfriend and I could get out the door, the owner and I were discussing a potential project.
I started that night and had the first files in his email the next morning.

Have a great meal, leave with a job. Who can beat that?
(This visit was the girlfriend's idea...I owe her on this one!)

Below is a very slight update to their original logo, and a Willy Wonka inspired version for a future project.

If you are in the Twin Cities and haven't been to Market Bar-B-Que you're missing out.
Great food and friendly staff — and if you're an old soul like me, the place is steeped in history and the walls are covered with amazing black and white autographs. (as soon as I sat down I spotted a Jerry Colonna, Pee Wee Hunt, George Wallace, and about 83 Jay Lenos
They may not mean much to the average Bieber fan, but I was in heaven.

Market Bar-B-Que is located in Downtown Minneapolis at
1414 Nicollet Avenue

PS: Rumor has it a doodle I stuck to the bulletin board at Smash Burger in Dinkytown years ago is still there, despite multiple board cleanings. No phone calls yet, but who knows?
If you see it, let me know.

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