Monday, April 17, 2017

Salutations, Internetonians!

It's been quite a while since I made myself available to the Great Online.
I'm changing that—spending more time in the studio, making myself more accessible, and sharing more of what I'm working on.

Part of this includes resurrecting instant messaging applications like Skype and the last time I did that...well, I apparently sent a lot of boobs to a friend of mine. A lot. Of boobs.

They weren't my boobs or boobs that I was familiar with. I didn't even send them. Some sort of virus or malware did on my behalf. I believe I've fixed the problem but who knows really. The internet operates on its own set of rules and if it thinks I should send a large number of breasts to friends and family who am I to argue.

Just the same, if while I'm reviving my various connections to the outside world you receive a correspondence bearing my name—and that correspondence includes an excessive number of boob photos, or any number of body parts really—please send me a gentle acknowledgment and inform me.

Because I'm excited to reconnect with some of you, and excited to share with you what I'm working on in the studio. But authenticity is key and I'm rarely if ever working on 138 jpgs of boobs.

( • )( • )